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Explore our newest playful learning tool and boost team spirit!

The TeamPLAY technology combines easy-to-use mobile technology with real-life team communication and collaboration.

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Boost your team spirit

Our newest game “Cosmic Clinic” is a learning experience for team building and learning culture development. The game-based training experience, takes place in-person, hybrid, or remote and is facilitated by a game master or trainer.


In the 2-4h experience, the group of participants becomes a team of intergalactic doctors tasked to work together, and provide the right treatment for the visiting space patients.

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To heal the galactic patients, the participants must communicate and work together to get better at dealing with progressively more difficult cases of patients.

After the game a playful debriefing concludes the experience, followed by a customizable content session.


In addition to our own Cosmic Clinic TeamPLAY game that can focus on team communication, collaboration, learning, and failure cultures, we create tailored games for organizations and their specific learning or communication challenges.

The games we have generated cover topics from training product launches, and supply chain management challenges, to staff onboarding and are used in training for large and middle-sized companies.

If you want to learn if the format fits your

learning challenge: Let’s jump on a call!


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