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Virtual events & spaces that your participants will love

From all-staff events to conferences & workshops, we help organizations produce customized, memorable and playful virtual events & spaces for their attendees

Online Events

Playfulness meets online events





There is a lot to take care of when preparing a creative online gathering: making it fun, onboarding the participants, managing the technology - all while meeting the bigger goals of the event.

We work with organizations to provide them with creative tailored virtual events solutions and support professionals in every step of the event planning and production process.

Combining the insights from the worlds of playfulness, learning, and technology, our aim is to create a memorable experience for your attendees.

Sounds like what you’re looking for?

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Department “all-hands” staff networking event

We produced a 3-hour virtual meeting for Goethe Institut where 120 members of one staff department had a chance to meet each other and network with their colleagues in the virtual “trade-show” setting.

Besides the “water cooler” areas for informal connections, we created 6 dedicated sub-department rooms where the participants could learn more about the workings of each of the branches.


Team building with insights on communication for the business unit

A group of 30 staff members of a business unit of Lingoda – a technological scale-up – came together for a 2.5 hours team building event, focused on providing the attendees with a meaningful and interactive way of getting to know each other.

They had to work together to solve a series of puzzles on a space station, accompanied by our facilitators who helped them to ease into the platform and reflect on their communication skills.

An interactive meeting space for regular project team meetings

For a group of students from OCAD (Ontario), Harvard (Cambridge), KHM (Cologne) we co-created a space where transatlantic interdisciplinary dialogue was held around memory culture.

Throughout a year, around 30 of them met during 6 official meetings to work on the project and used the space in between for checking-in: ultimately further developing the space itself and coming up with new approaches to teach the topic.

A fully remote world-cup championship venue

For the Red Bull Rubik’s Cube World Cup we produced and hosted a fully-online publicly streamed World Cup experience.


Over the course of two days, 30 best Rubik’s Cube solvers from around the world competed for the top spot, and used the time in between to hang out in 7 different areas of the virtual venue with a crowd of 80: other contestants, judges, and organizers of the event.

A set of escape rooms for interactive learning in small groups

We created a series of virtual “escape rooms” that language teachers at the Goethe-Institutes of Canada use to have their students come together in small groups, experience cultural learnings in an interactive way, and practice their language skills by collaboratively solving the puzzles.


The rooms are built in a way that a class of 25 students in groups of 4-6 can independently participate in them.



"The space for the lecture series fulfilled all our expectations. Playful Solutions were very proactive in the planning process, suggested creative solutions and expertly guided us throughout the process. We noticed that the designed space, compared to a standard online meeting, enabled much more communication, interaction and playfulness for all involved. We can wholeheartedly recommend working with Playful Solutions. They are experts in both creating online environments and in bringing a playful touch to them."

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Fares Kayali, University of Vienna

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