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I’m the founder of Playful Solutions.

What do you bring into Playful Solutions?
I spent 10 years researching the impact of games on players at universities like MIT. I have also created different prototypes made to subvert common play experiences and toy with games as expressive tools.

What do you love to play?
I love to play work. I have a playful approach to problems, where I can explore new territories, develop strategies and try them out. Outside of work, Escape Rooms offer an ideal space for play – limited time, social and immersive discovery.

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I’m the Managing Partner of Playful Solutions.

What do you bring into Playful Solutions?

I bring my entrepreneurial spirit, my experience design and facilitation skills and my head of inspiration to Playful Solutions. I’m a generalist who has worked many jobs in different industries and my curiosity and interest in people and organizations, as well as my love for stories and fantasy fuel me in my work for Playful Solutions.

What do you love to play?

I want to be touched or inspired by games. I like smaller, experimental games that let me explore and experience different topics, but I also love games that have beautiful art and create magical worlds.

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I’m the Entrepreneur at Playful Solutions.

What do you bring into Playful Solutions?

I spent 10+ years working at the intersection of impact, innovation, and entrepreneurship, so my natural tendency is to explore how play and interactive experiences can be used for facilitating change, impact, and growth. I also have a background in technology & business, resulting in curiosity to explore the potential of technology in the service of solving challenges of organizations using play.

What do you love to play?

I love turn-based & real-time strategies, transformational learning experiences, role-playing video games (RPGs), and playing board games with friends.

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I’m the Project Manager at Playful Solutions.

What do you bring into Playful Solutions?

Driven by my curiosity, I like exploring different perspectives. In my anthropology studies, I dealt with the relationship between humans and the digital, and I’m interested in its development within our society. That combined with my experience in project management and working with youth, I bring in expertise that supports Playful Solutions in different projects.

What do you love to play?

I like games that surprise me and social games that make me lose track of time and space while playing.

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Playful Solutions

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1070 Wien, Austria

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