about us

We are a Game Design Agency based in Vienna and we work with partners all over the globe. We create play experiences that challenge people to discover more about themselves, others and the world.

what we do

We work with organizations to turn their ideas, projects or challenges into play experiences! We understand organizations and create custom-made playful solutions for their needs. Every play solution we design is different and we work without the limits of a specific technology, type of game or predefined learning outcome.

how we do it

When we show up for work it is all about creative spirit, hands-on mentality and an entrepreneurial mindset. However, the power of our playful solutions lies in the process we undertake: we co-design every play experience together with the organization or individual we are designing it for. Our tools and our own game design framework ensure an engaging, fun and meaningful design process for everyone.

why play

Whatever your mission is - whether you want to create the best product, provide high quality services, raise awareness about a cause or you want to change behaviours, create memorable experiences or educate your target group - you can never go wrong with using play. It’s interactive, immersive and human-centric.

where we want to go

Our vision is to use the creative and liberating power of play to contribute to a better world.

companies we work with