Experience the Power of Play

You want to explore the potential of games and playful interactions? Or you already use games in some capacity, but want to create something extraordinary and more meaningful? Great!

Whether your mission entails creating the best product, providing high quality services, raising awareness about a cause, changing behaviours or creating memorable experiences, you can never go wrong with using play: it’s interactive, immersive and player-centric. 


Playful Solutions is a game design agency based in Vienna and working with partners all over the world. We create play experiences that challenge people to discover more about themselves, others and the world.

We combine game and experience design with an entrepreneurial mindset to deliver custom-made playful solutions! Our network of designers, developers and creatives spans the world, we partner with renowned institutions like the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.



We do:

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    You need support in jump starting your playful idea? The path from the first ideas to a solid concept can be quite tricky. Playful Solutions uses the Purposeful Design Framework developed by us at MIT to help you clarify all the important elements needed for a coherent product and to apply state-of-the-art game design to it. Explore more …

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    You need support in realizing your concept in different stages? Product and project development phases hold many surprises and distractions, including moments of doubt or disorientation. Playful Solution is like a friendly UFO providing an outside perspective on content, methods and tools to bring the project back on track and ensure maximum impact. Explore more …

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    You search for a unique product, plus the expertise to make it happen? There are many good reasons for organizations to branch out and be innovate with a product that rethinks their own field. Playful Solutions acts as a creative director and project manager, building bridges between the different stakeholders, customers, target groups, suppliers and subcontractors. Explore more …


We are:

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Game Design, Education, Anthropology, Entrepreneurship. We come from diverse backgrounds and deliberately draw from all disciplines to fuel our innovations. We work with highly experienced partners in game design, change management, software development and arts: together we have over a decade of experience in what we do! All solutions are tailored specifically to your needs.

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Game Designers

Playful spaces are highly engaging environments that can be explored without serious consequences. An essential aspect of our work is bringing play into the process and using game design tools to reach all kind of goals: whether the product is a game or you want to gamify your product, whether the cause is serious or fun, whether your solution is digital, analog or a real life intervention.

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With a research background from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, we know how people learn and how they experience change through play. Learning, at its core, means going beyond expectations and taking a step into the unknown. We use state-of-the-art research insights in all our work and have contributed to it through numerous publications.

We work with: