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Things change, and so do we—our lives, our projects and our visions. Some of these changes come easily, but many are met by obstacles that challenge and frustrate us, and interrupt our progress. At Playful Solutions we use creative tools and innovative solutions to overcome serious challenges. The areas of work focus on playful approaches to personal development, but also on game design and tool development.

Playful Solutions offers an engaging and creative approach to help you discover innovative tools to foster your constructive progress. By combining techniques from innovative games designed at MIT, from groundbreaking playful interactions, and from Co-Active Coaching your individual playful solution is created.

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Four areas of services in playful development:


    Personal Development

    You are searching for support in a challenging private or professional situation? If that’s the case, I offer life- and career-coaching (in German or English) based on my training as a Professional Co-Active Coach®.
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    Team and Group Sessions

    What’s the hidden game running your organization or team? For teams and organizations, I offer a unique approach of using innovative methods of game design in team and organizational development.
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    Game & Concept Development

    I support you to use games and playful approaches in a suitable way. I offer consulting within the game development process (digital, analog, of real life) and support in the conceptualization of purposeful playful solutions.
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    Tool Development

    You are looking for new ways or creative tools and methods to tackle a tricky challenge? I create Playful Solutions to challenging problems, and innovative tools for tackling them. In my tool kit, I use methods to design games for non-game designers, and approaches for fostering personal and organizational development.
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What the Playful Solutions Tool Box offers…

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I get it!

Before we are able to find solutions to your challenges, we need to understand them. It sounds easy, but it’s not. Often a problem is just a symptom masking another issue. My specialty is working closely with you to identify the real, underlying challenges, and to develop a suitable strategy for how to reach the goals you are really longing for.

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Working with Playful Solutions means having me on your side: as a coach, examining either personal or team challenges and as a consultant, supporting the creation of your visions or the development of a playful product. It is my job to make sure Playful Solutions works for you and that you can trust the explorative space provided to overcome your obstacles.

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Game Design

An essential aspect of my work is the implementation of playful situations, but also the use of game design tools for exploration. Playful spaces are fruitful places to explore, without serious consequences. Play and games open doors for exploration and change. However, the options created in the game need to be transferred to reality—and that is where things get juicy!

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State of the Art Research

In my time as a researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, I explored how people learn and how they experience change through play. I discovered that learning, at its core, means going beyond expectations and taking a step into the unknown. In my trainings, workshops and talks I outline state-of-the-art research in purposeful games, play and gamification.

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Connecting different worlds

Playful Solutions offers a constructive mix of coaching, consulting, game design, and state-of-the-art research. To create customized solutions that fit your needs, I work with highly experienced partners in game design and change management. Together we have over a decade working in the game industry, both in research and consulting. All consultations are tailored specifically to your needs.

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Lightness and engagement

I am a true believer in the potential of humor and playfulness. Playful solutions do not shy away from conflict and deep trouble, but when working on these complicated issues, openness is necessary. In this sense, different innovative tools are used to create unique experiences and constructive work environments. Ironically enough, games can be the most serious things in the world!

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