We offer a range of playful services, according to the organisation we work with and the needs we identify with our partners. We like to get involved in projects where play can have a meaningful impact.

We approach every project with an open mind and therefore, we have gathered expertise in various areas. Below are our current services together with our most recent cases.

Also, we're always up for a challenge and ready to try out new territories.

game development coordination

Our qualities as creatives, makers and entrepreneurs are best used in the full cycle of a project. We love tackling the challenge of project management from idea generation to final implementation and evaluation.

We understand our partners’ requests and translate them into a development brief. We take full responsibility for a careful planning and we try to find the best resources to fulfill a project’s particular needs.

Red Bull Mind Gamers platform

We created the concept and we manage the development of Red Bull Mind Gamers: a global interactive platform for people who want to challenge their minds on a competitive or casual level. Started in 2016 and constantly evolving since, Red Bull Mind Gamers is the go-to place for puzzle enthusiasts looking for exciting new games and challenges.

Unique multiplayer experience

Conceived at MIT, the interactive multiplayer cube allows players to interact with various digital challenges and puzzles, while verbally communicating with each other in order to problem-solve. The cube has been used to run a tournament in the first and second Escape Room World Championship (over 20.000 players worldwide) and is currently in use for internal company-wide training events.

game design workshops & concepts

Our “idea lab” is a workshop that ranges from 2 to 4 days where we co-design the core elements of the play experience together with an organization and its stakeholders.

Our Playful Solutions Framework developed at MIT structures the different design elements needed to create a playful solution. This is the basis for a custom-made game design document, detailing the puzzles and challenges that make up the whole play experience.

The Traveling Challenge Box

Together with our global client’s multinational team, we designed the core elements for a portable game.
In a 4-day workshop in Beijing we taught executives and young potentials the basics of the game design craft, as well as Agile Work practices. We translated their daily work problems into puzzles that could be used in a futuristic, fictional setting.
The result? A fun game tackling a serious challenge: intercultural and interdisciplinary collaboration - all packed in a travel-friendly suitcase.

A playful learning app

We helped in creating the core idea for The City of Words app, a language learning interactive solution for the Goethe Institute in Germany.
The app leads people who want to learn German through a “city of words”. In this interactive game, players collect new words, use them in short sentences and test their skills together with other players. We also supported the design process and acted as a bridge between the customer and the developers.

escape room development

One of our strongest products are custom-made Escape Rooms. With a limited time frame and a simple set of rules, they offer a great opportunity to tackle organisational challenges and explore team dynamics in a fun way.

Soft skills such as collaboration, communication, problem solving and creative action are on everyone’s agenda these days. Escape Rooms not only demand the use of these skills, but they also allow for a complex, immersive and memorable experience.

An escape room for training

Our objective was to help a large number of employees not only understand, but literally experience the challenges their global organization faces in terms of work culture.
We translated organizational issues into puzzles and shaped them in a futuristic Escape Room we built at the company's headquarters. Today, the room is being played by thousands of employees open to learn about work culture.

First World Escape Room Championship

“Mission Unlock Enoch” in 2017 was the first-ever Escape Room World Championship where the smartest minds from all over the world were put to the ultimate test.
In 2019, we brought a fresh concept in the story of “Omni’s Escape”. Both years, we designed the concept of the qualifying events and worked with important figures in the field, such as escape room guru Dr. Scott Nicholson. In order to challenge the best escape room players in the world, we had to make sure we design rooms that tested all their skills.

tournament concepts

While esports is a fast-growing phenomenon, we can’t help but agree bringing competition into games can increase not only the entertainment factor, but the performance of players as well.

We love designing meaningful point or achievement systems, as well as multiplayer competitions engaging various types of audiences. Always keeping an inclusive eye, we try to invent or expand the limits of game based tournaments.

Rubik’s Speedcubing Tournament

Our challenge was to elevate the athleticism of the existing Rubik’s Speedcubing scene to the next level. Together with some of the best cubers out there, we turned speed cubbing on its tail and designed a Rubik’s Cube global tournament with whole new game modes: 1 vs 1, fastest hand, re-scramble and a female track. 2019 brings our second season of the highly exciting Rubik’s Cube World Cup.

A fun tournament for flight passengers

The goal of this game was to offer a unique quiz experience for passengers on short-haul flights. A fun mix between educational and competitive, the mobile game is designed to create value for a very broad audience.
While learning about aeronautics, flight destinations and other themed trivia, players compete against each other in a multiplayer tournament, where points are accorded dynamically in relation to other people’s answers.

event concept design

Whether it’s a global tournament with hundreds of players involved or a local and compact hackathon, we design event concepts around play.

With a player-centric approach, we make sure our concepts bring not only a fun twist into events, but also a valuable experience for every participant.

Rubik’s World Finals 2018 & 2019

The culmination of our global Rubik’s tournament were the Rubik’s Cube World Championship Finals in Boston, USA in 2018. After qualifiers around the world and months of preparation, activation and communication, we brought 45 players together to compete in an exciting 2-day event.
From current world record holder in speedcubing to Prof. Erno Rubiks and to fans around the world, the event was received with great enthusiasm - which is why 2019 brings us Season 2.

Escape Room World Finals 2017 & 2019

After qualifier events for tens of thousands of people held in 22 countries in 2017, we brought together the winner teams in the Escape Room World Finals in Budapest - for the first-ever Escape Room championship title.
In 2019 we set in motion the second season of the Escape Room World Finals, “Omni’s Escape”, with a fresh concept and a bigger-than-ever event in London. 22 teams fought again for the world title, in two action-packed days. With play happening in parallel rooms, speed and mental accuracy was key for the 88 players.

game jams

We love facilitating out-of-the-box thinking and innovation in game design. Which is why we design and manage game jams. We help participants form teams, rapidly prototype game designs and come up with ideas for a specific theme with given restraints.

The brief time span is meant to encourage creative thinking, experimental and innovative ideas - which never seize to surprise us.

Game Jam with students

In 2017 we trained 50 teachers in teaching game design, destined to reach 25 schools all over Austria. They, in turn, taught over 1.000 students and encouraged the youngsters to come up with game ideas dealing with socially relevant topics. The best eight ideas were chosen and implemented by us with the help of professional game designers and developers in a 2-day game jam.

MIT Game Jam

In this 48 hours game jam, the brilliant students, teachers and associates of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology explored the design potentials of real-life escape room games.
Our team designed the concept and the format of the jam, as well as launched the challenge for the participants, together with experts in various fields. The most mind-bending game idea was subsequently realized in the first Escape Room World Championship.