We like to start by exploring ideas and by creating a play concept together with our partners.

From the first creative flicker and all the way to the finished up-and-running product, we are the link between the organization and the game developers implementing the design.

The typical process of the work we do with organizations is based on deductive steps, but it’s a constant conversation.

Every project is different, but we usually follow 6 steps.

Idea Lab

We kick our projects off with a 2-4 days workshop with stakeholders and project owners. We use the Playful Solutions Framework that structures all the different elements a playful solution needs in order to be successful.

Pitch Deck

All the outcomes of the Idea Lab are evaluated and given a consistent shape and a clear direction. Everything is then gathered and poured into one compelling presentation, ready for an internal or external pitch.

Game Design

Once the concept is embraced by everyone we start getting our hands dirty! We elaborate the whole play experience, from story, game flow, play context and supporting technology. Together with our partner, we answer all open questions and foresee possible opportunities and obstacles, as well as find the best developers for the solution.


Depending on the type of play experience, we find the right partners who can program, build or realize the game. We make sure to take the responsibility in our hands and manage the whole process, while keeping the conversation open between the organization and the developers.


After carefully testing and optimizing the play experience, we are ready to hand over the project, making sure whoever inherits our game will not only love it, but also use it at full potential. The launch can be planned in close collaboration with us and our experts or we can offer guidelines and advice, in order to ensure it goes into the world with a bang!


We are devoted to move from simply handing a play experience over towards fully supporting the creation and evaluation of the intended impact and we are currently developing our own impact tools.

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If this is something you can relate to or if we simply sparked your curiosity, let's get in touch and create a playful solution!