play dates: Selfie Games

This week we continued our remote play dates with another drawing game: Selfie Games. As the name already suggests, what made this one special was the presence of our own selfies into the drawings.

Selfie Games has some similarities to Drawful 2 and it brings an engaging group experience. It also brings a lot of laughs, especially considering our emoji-inspired faces guiding the various drawing challenges.

To start the game, our playfulness officer installed a desktop application on a laptop; this can be downloaded from the game’s website. Afterwards, all other players just had to install the free “Selfie Games” app on their phones. In remote cases, we recommend a parallel video communication app to tie the whole experience together.

If you are the game master and want to host a game for your friends, all you have to do is to open the software on your laptop and share your screen with the others. Once that’s done, every player simply accesses the Selfie Game app on their phones and joins the game by typing in the session code from the shared screen.

An important side node: one round of the Selfie Game is free, but if you want to play more than once, the full version is € 7,99. The game doesn’t get boring so it is definitely worth it.

We particularly liked the humour in the challenges. Most drawings include one or more of the players as protagonists. The situations are usually absurd and really tested our otherwise amazing drawing skills.

Gathering points has less to do with drawing and more with coming up with creative captions other people will vote for. You also get points for random achievements, like having a good gut instinct.

We will keep exploring various games that can be played remotely and that bring playfulness into situations of isolation, remote work and online team bonding. And we’ll keep sharing these with you, in the hope you can have engaging group experiences even when apart.

Stay safe and keep playing remotely!

Your Playful Solutions team.