play dates: drawing with Drawful 2

Drawing and guessing seems to be our second nature in these self-isolation times. Even if we’re not particularly talented in the art of illustration, we do like to visualise our thoughts and ideas. And apparently we also like to make some sort of sense of other people’s ideas just by their eccentric scribbles.

Therefore, as part of our remote play dates, this week we tried another drawing game recommended to us via our Facebook page: Drawful 2.

As its name clearly suggests, it’a all about drawing and guessing what other people have drawn. The game is available on Steam and right now you can download it for free. So take our playful example and try out drawing with your friends!

Before anything else, you do need someone who can facilitate this experience. We have our own Playfulness Officer who managed everything very smoothly, but one of you will have to take the lead, although it’s fairly easy once you get the hang of it.

First of all, one player needs to download it from Steam and set it up. Then, they should also find a way to share the main screen with everyone playing. Most video communication apps have the sharing screen option, so this shouldn’t be an issue. The (lucky) rest of the players will just have to follow a link and the game starts. Then, the fun begins!

How does it work? All players draw on their phones and they are supposed to draw whatever concept they randomly receive. Once they are done, everyone needs to guess what the other ones drew. The concepts are given by the platform and they are quite difficult to guess. Not that drawing on a mobile phone doesn’t already come as second nature to us, but we had to draw things like “soy latte”, “impostor” or “caveman news”.

Add to that the fact that you only have two colours and no eraser. And everything is under the pressure of time! Sounds stressful already? Well, the best part is that nobody ever guesses and it’s actually more fun to come up with concepts you think are matching your friend’s scribble. You get points if your title is voted by the others, so sometimes all it takes is to be inspired with good words on the spot.

What we liked best was the light, witty approach of the game and of the challenges given. The creators from Jackbox Games rarely disappoint us. The interaction around was even more playful than the drawing itself and it gave us once again a good reason to unwind our minds.

Until further notice, we’re staying safe and playing remotely.

Your Playful Solutions team.