play dates: Cards Against Humanity online

Everybody knows the infamous Cards Against Humanity game and has probably played it at least once. As the creators say it themselves, it’s a party game for horrible people. We are not that horrible, but we do enjoy it from time to time. So we gave it a try for our weekly play date.

The online version of this scandalous game is called Remote Insensitivity and, even though it is not officially associated with Cards Against Humanity (which has a Creative Commons license), it uses the same cards. So if you know the principles of CAH, you will get the hang of Remote Insensitivity immediately, although the gameplay is not very explicit.

And the rest… is history. If you have ever played Cards Against Humanity, you already know how quickly uncomfortable jokes escalate to becoming completely comfortable. You also know that some people’s humour is definitely darker than others’. We won’t be giving out any names, though!

The game can be played in up to 6 players on The whole game play is very raw, so you can’t really customise the experience. It also doesn’t integrate any communication between players, so we recommend to have a separate channel for that.

It’s a playful way to spend around 30 minutes with your colleagues and it’s great fun. However, it will break some diplomacy barriers, we can tell you as much!

Until the next one, stay safe and play remotely!

Your Playful Solutions team.