play dates: Playful Solutions Houseparty!

We are still in self-isolation, so we are not throwing an actual house party (although, we might just do that as soon as this is over!). However, we did try the latest, on-everybodys-lips social video app, Houseparty, as part of our second remote play dates series.

Our Playfulness Officer suggested it and we especially loved that it was easy to install and get the hang of. It’s a mobile app so you’d need to download it from the stores, but it works very smoothly. So kudos to the designers behind it, we always appreciate simplicity! It was easy to set up our own room and try out the various games you can play in groups. There are apparently a bunch of games to try, this time we went for the free options available: Quick Draw, Chips and Guac, Trivia, Heads Up.

We started with the drawing game, for the artists within us. The guessing was done via audio and each player had 2 minutes to draw as many objects as possible. It was fun and nicely integrated in the app, but from last week seemed more enjoyable to us, if you’re into drawing games.

Our favourite was Chips and Guac, a digital take on games such as Cards Against Humanity or Apples to Apples. Each one of us took the turn in being the “Judge” and had to pick out the most suitable card for whatever concept we were randomly allocated. It’s not the most diplomatic game out there and it reveals what sick humour some of us have. So we definitely liked it!

We also tested some of the trivia games, but most of them were quite niche and we had no idea what the right answers were. However, there are many options, so surely there is something to play for everyone.

What we liked best about the app was that it’s very easy to get into, we didn’t need any tutorials or long explanations on how to use it or how to play the games.

So it was good fun, our virtual selves enjoyed the virtual company and the simple group activities. Even when we invented our own.

See you – virtually – next week. Until then, stay safe and play remotely!

Your Playful Solutions team.