play dates at Playful Solutions: drawing remotely

We all love to play various games at Playful Solutions, some of us more than others. We do it in our free time, but we also play games among the team. While some of us are pro-players and have reached top of the top in some well-known games and some of us have designed their own beautiful games, others in the team like casual games and go more with the flow when it comes to playing.

Either way, our play dates bring us all together and under the guidance of our own Playfulness Officer, we try out new games on a regular basis. Sounds amazing, but what do we do in these times, when we can’t get together physically? Our play dates have been a bit challenged by the current situation, so we had to resort to online, browser-based, easy to play games.

This week our Playfulness Officer introduced us to Skribbl.Io.

It’s an online browser-based multiplayer game, fairly easy to get the hang of. All you have to do is draw a chosen word, while other people need to guess what you’re drawing. Points are being given to people who guess correctly and if every participant guesses the drawing, the person who drew it also gets points.

We assure you, there is no need for amazing drawing skills! The interesting thing about it is not so much the game itself, but the interaction you have with your teammates. When Martin was drawing a crocodile, it was pretty hilarious. No offence, Martin!

We recommend to play it in a group of 4 to 8 players and to have a web chat going on in parallel. Hearing people talk about why they don’t get what you are drawing or relish in being the ones guessing first, is quite entertaining.

A fun fact about Skribbl.Io. is that you can also create custom words before the game starts. That way, you can force your teammates to draw specific things throughout the play experience. So if you ever wanted to see somebody draw a Diplodocus (hint: it’s a dinosaur) now is your time!

This was quite fun to do and we definitely recommend playing games with your friends, family or teammates while in self-isolation. Therefore, we will keep you updated on a regular basis with a new game you can easily play remotely.

Your Playful Solutions team.