work & play: designing games for learning

Our second Work&Play event was all about the power of games as learning tools and the impact they can have on us. We opened up the conversation and invited everyone interested to join us and our guests.

work & play #2

designing games for learning: the elephant in the room

We all grow up by learning through play, but in practice this phenomenon is very complex. Some games impact certain players but not others. And what kind of impact a game has is often beyond our control. 

So we regularly ask ourselves how we can design games that intentionally impact players. And the truth is, a lot of the times the question still remains unanswered. It’s the elephant in the room, but this time we wanted to address the elephant in an open conversation.

Scot Osterweil, Lena Mech and Konstantin Mitgutsch tackling the power of games

We invited experts in the field as well as people genuinely interested in the subject and opened up the space for conversation. Among our guests were Scot Osterweil, from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a founding member of the Learning Games Network and Lena Mech, educator and founder of Institute of Wonder in Denmark.

What followed was a captivating conversation. Subjects such as games with social consequences, resources used in games addressing serious issues or simply games with a very personal impact, whether good or bad, were openly addressed. All our guests had the opportunity to raise various questions and discuss them with Scot, Lena, Konstantin or simply with each other.

It all happened on Wednesday February 26th, at Impact Hub Vienna. And to be honest, it was so captivating we had a hard time leaving. We gained new perspectives and gathered important insights into games with impact, as well as met a lot of great people. We are grateful for everyone joining and hope to see, converse and play with each other soon.

Is now the elephant still there? Maybe, but we can talk about it.