work & play: playfulness at work

At Playful Solutions we are interested in discovering new ways to solve challenges in organisations and want to bring playfulness into the daily work space and mindset. Which is why a few weeks ago we hosted a night dedicated to the topic Playfulness at Work.

work & play #1:

an evening with people who want to discover the power of play

Work&Play #1 was our first event of a new series we are launching. We invited a colourful group of people and challenged everyone to try to bring playfulness into regular work situations and processes.

We explored what games, gamification and a playful mindset could bring to the work space. We learned how and where organisations usually play and where they can use more playfulness.

Even if we did take play seriously, it doesn’t mean good humour, good wine and even good (aka weird) dancing were not part of the night. We thank everyone for their awesome input and hope to play with them again!

We are convinced play can serve as a powerful inspiration in everyday work, for individuals and, above all, for teams. Games are door-openers for change and development and provide freedom for growth. To see how serious we are about play, explore more in Konstantin’s article in Der Standard