Siemens Mystery Game: a mobile experience room

One of our most recent projects is the Siemens Mystery Game – our first mobile experience room, mixing digital multiplayer games with escape room design. It’s a problem-solving team play experience dedicated to youngsters looking for a carrier or a new path in life. The game play takes place in a minivan and will be traveling from city to city and across Austrian borders as part of Siemens’ touring at job fairs and events.

the brief

It all started with the challenge of creating a game meant to attract young potentials towards the digitalised world of Siemens. As a company designing technologies for the future and working mostly behind the scenes of what we experience everyday in cities, the task for us was to translate their technologies and engineering innovations into something tangible for the youth.

On top of that, the company’s goal was to boost their image in the mind of the new generation. With the Siemens Mystery Game, they wished to present themselves in front of a very demanding audience as contemporary and playful.

The Brain Force Agents characters created by Siemens
The Brain Force Agents characters created by Siemens
© Siemens

our role

Our expertise in designing concepts for various escape room experiences was what brought us face to face with this challenge. Escape rooms demand the use of relevant soft skills such as collaboration, problem-solving and creative action and take place in a fictional world, allowing an immersive experience for the players. Therefore, the mobile escape room was the perfect playful solution to attract the bright minds of the future to a new professional path.

Together with Siemens, we co-designed the concept of the game by working on the topics to be addressed, as well as the story behind the play experience.

Collective ideas from the concept design workshop

the project

  • A mobile escape room experience meant to improve the image of Siemens among youth, as well as attract new applicants

  • Game designed and built together with Fox in a Box, international escape room developers and long-standing partners of ours

  • Futuristic for the future generation: digital games and AR technology combined with analogue puzzles to build on the story happening in 2035

  • Immersive story: Brain Force Agents called to save the world by restoring its energy with the help of Siemens technology and dedicated AI called Minesse

  • Limited in space, but not in place: a traveling minivan as game area

  • Team play experience: 3 or 4 players need collaboration and communication skills to solve the puzzles and challenges inside

  • Wide reach at festivals and events: easy to set up 20 minute experience with no previous knowledge needed from the player

in their words

Katharina Swoboda, Head of Communications Siemens AG Austria

The main themes in the game focus on interaction within the team, but also introduce the Siemens Portfolio through a new gamified approach.


It felt like – WOW I’m really in a different world now!

I didn’t know exactly what Siemens was doing before, but now it’s clear that they do modern technology.

I really liked the idea that 4 people have to collaborate to solve the puzzles.

To me it was clear that through this game Siemens wants you to have fun and that they are creative and care about their clients.

You remember it for a long time, you don’t forget this experience.

behind the scenes

A look at what made this project special for us and what we take out of it here at Playful Solutions.

We loved
the quirkiness

Working on this project meant exploring totally new territories for us. This hybrid between escape rooms, digital multiplayer games and a vehicle was a challenge. We had the experience of escape room building, but not of what it means placing a game in a van. Until the very last moment we didn’t know what people would make of it, but everyone was surprised in a very positive way. We loved seeing the faces of people when they came out of the car, even when they didn’t save the world in time.

We learned
to appreciate space

The space we had to work with was more limited than what we are accustomed to. We quickly learned that the same principles of an escape room do not apply in a vehicle and that this game needed much more thought. This restriction pushed us to make use of new technologies such as AR, in order to break the physical limitations and create a virtual space larger than the physical one. In the end, this offered us room for more storytelling and made the experience truly memorable.

We want
the unexpected!

Even if it required a lot of improvisation and exploring of uncharted territories, the novelty of the project itself intrigued us and gave us the opportunity to learn. We want to use technology in an innovative way again and merge it with playful interactions. We also want to bring more game design into unexpected or simply weird spaces.