the puzzle dinner

workshop exercises by Playful Solutions

We like to transform team exercises and workshops into engaging and playful experiences. This blog-series will give insights into new team activities used in companies wanting to provide something fresh and new to their colleagues and employees.

what’s the Puzzle Dinner about?

Simply enjoying a nice and engaging evening with colleagues – by cooking!
We love this exercise because it’s a perfect opportunity to get to know workmates. How? By cooking their favorite dishes. Everyone can take part in this – but we advise caution if you have never used a kitchen before.

what’s so fun about that?

The fun part is not the food fight. It’s finding out what the other team would like to eat for dinner. All teams need to pay attention to the hints of others in order to solve the puzzle and serve their favorite meal!

Download the Playbook.

It was all tested by Playful Solutions and approved to be fun. May contain traces of sesame or nuts.