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We co-develop your unique product…

Who doesn’t want to innovate? Whether your aspiration is to reach new target groups, find new solutions for your customers, address new challenges or to rethink your industry, you will need the creative minds and experienced doers to make it happen. Besides that, innovative projects often stall, because next to running operations, there’s little time and headspace to transform new ideas into fully fledged products.

Playful Solutions can be your creative mind and your project manager. We have done it before and we love doing it. Our qualities as connectors, game designers and entrepreneurs are best used in the full cycle of product development.

We’ll not only provide you with the best ideas, tools and methods but we’ll also deal with your stakeholders. 


If you are interested in working with us, shoot us a quick email and we’ll arrange a call or meeting! 

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Multiplayer Puzzle Experience: The Cube

The Red Bull Mind Gamers platform brings online mind games (developed by expert designers) to players eager to prove their mind skills.  Playful Solutions created the core concept of Red Bull Mind Gamers for Red Bull and owns the rights to the Cube, which was used in both the pre-qualifiers and the finals of the first-ever global Escape Room Championship in Budapest in 2017.

From the core idea, until the final product and the project management, our minds are all over this unique project.

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Afterland is an award-winning side-scrolling 2D platformer that immerses the player in a world out of time and developed as a tool to study recursive learning processes in videogame players. The player is a forest-dweller, filling his house with fascinating artifacts that have captured his imagination.

This game was part of a research project we worked on and we supported the whole process and also wrote about the results and gave talks.

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Light Space

Based on the workshop format SUPERPOWER DISCOVERY run by Light Space, participants can deepen their experiences guided by this card simulation. The game offers an engaging simulation that allows participants to apply their newly found resources and powers in real life contexts.

We are working on the core design of the simulation (and we are actually part of Light Space).

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