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We support you in realizing your concept in different stages.

Realizing the best version of your idea is a challenging process– it’s relatively easy to experience setbacks, to doubt your own decisions or to get lost in translation with project partners or funders. Once you are in the middle of things, finding time for reflection und purposeful action is just as challenging as getting a fresh perspective on what’s actually happening right now. It is essential to identify the turning points where a product or project loses its potential impact or power and to tune in to save it.

Playful Solutions likes to show up when things get challenging. We apply our unconventional thinking and our skills in coaching and facilitation to bring you back on track.

We will use what we like to call our UFO perspective to provide honest feedback, identify obstacles, help you refocus on what’s important and go beyond common approaches to support you in  solving your challenges.


If you are interested in working with us, shoot us a quick email and we’ll arrange a call or meeting! 

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Red Bull Mind Gamers Championship

“Mission Unlock Enoch” is the first-ever Escape Room World Championship, where we put the smartest masterminds out there to the ultimate test.
After more than 75 qualifier events hosted in 22 countries, the 22 national winner teams + 2 Wildcard teams headed to Budapest in 2017, to test their mental acuity at the Escape Room World Finals.


Playful Solution had the project lead and Konstantin chaired as gaming director.


We Make Games

In it’s first round, We Make Games reached 50 teachers, 25 schools and probably a 1.000 students in Austria. After gaining know-how in how to teach game design in the classroom, teachers went back to their schools and helped students to design their own serious games. The best ideas were realized with the help of professional game designers and developers.

Playful Solution had the idea and project lead. This project is financed by the ministry of education. More here.

Crossing Borders

Austrian Institute of Technology

A game and mobility app that motivates users to explore unfamiliar but more sustainable mobility options, using theoretical findings on player types and mobility styles. On of the aims was to learn more about the actual impact of game elements on behavioral changes. Partners included Verbund, Siemens, Fluid Time, ovos media and AIT.

Our job was to create the core idea, to deliver a state-of-the-art research into gamification and mobility and to support the development process in all stages. Also we supported the evaluation and dissemination of the project.

More info here

City of Words

Goethe Institute

An innovative learning app leads German learners through a “city of words”. In the interactive game, you collect new words, use them in short sentences and test your skills together with other players. It provides German vocabulary and is free of charge.

We helped in creating the core idea, supported the design process and translated between the customer and the developer.

More info here

Movers and Shakers


Movers & Shakers is a two-player tablet serious game created as a tool to explore how players communicate based on conflicting perspectives within the game. The aim of Movers & Shakers is to create a meaningful conflict between its players and to facilitate a controversy beyond the screens.

The game is based on our concept and we were project owners at the MIT Game Lab for the whole development cycle of the game.
More info here