Discover the Playful Solutions MIND CUBE!

The interactive solution for your team

The Mind Cube is an interactive technology mixing analogue team play with cutting edge digital games. It delivers a whole unexpected experience to your team and provides a support with limitless possibilities of game play, team objectives and personalized feedback.


Currently the cube functions as a cooperative 4-player game, focusing on mind skills and team dynamics. The players’ goal is to use their skills of creativity, logic, teamwork, visual thinking and rhythm to solve the digital challenge within a restricted amount of time. Inspired by escape rooms puzzles, this interactive challenge is meant to fuel the group dynamic and stimulate players on a mental level.

What does it bring?

Exploring the „Mind Cube“ is challenging, yet fun and highly engaging. The cube can be used in three different areas:

  • As an engaging team competition that fosters team collaboration and tests players’ mind skills
  • As a training tool for team dynamics, collaboration methods and skills management
  • As a recruiting tool at fairs of exhibitions to challenge your audience and spark curiosity for your organization.


Get in touch with us and let’s discuss how the cube fits your needs. We offer different options from renting the cube for an event, to adjusting the game or designing a new concept to your specific requests.


Why choose it?

Fits your company

The Mind Cube is based on a flexible technology, with endless possibilities to customize in terms of game play. At Playful Solutions we design game concepts based on company needs or goals and we can transform serious problems into fun challenges for your team members.

Fits your values

The experience is designed to challenge mind skills on different levels and provides instant feedback on the performance. The game can be played casually or competitively and up to 40 teams of 4 can play during a day. It is inclusive to a broad audience and it is designed to remove cultural or language barriers, as well as previously gained game knowledge.

Fits your needs

The cube is easy to transport, build, set up and dismantle. The technology supports audio and video creation, while the play time is flexible, according to your needs.