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We support you in jump starting your playful idea. 

More and more companies are interested in creating playful products, engaging interactions and games for purposes other than pure entertainment. Their goal is to educate, inform, and excite players about various serious topics in an interactive way. But while gamification and games are trending right now, the decision for a playful solution alone doesn’t add up to a successful product. Especially the path from the first ideas to a solid concept can be quite tricky. 

Creating these innovative concepts and unorthodox ideas is our expertise. Playful Solutions uses the newest insights from experience and learning research and draws from game design tools to support you in clarifying all the important elements needed for a coherent product, whether it is digital, analogue or a real life interaction.

Our services range from hands-on workshops and explorative sessions to full concept design.


The Playful Solutions Framework

We work with an updated version of the Serious Game Assessment Framework we developed at MIT as part of a bigger research paper. Our updated version – now called Playful Solutions Framework – structures the relations between the different design elements that need to be considered when creating a playful solution. We use the PS-Framework to facilitate the journey from the core purpose to the final game concept in two different formats:

PS-Framework Deep Dive Workshop

This workshop leads you from your first ideas and thoughts to a realizable playful solution. It introduces you to the core concept of the PS-Framework and offers a customized innovation process for your needs. Together we will work through all aspects needed to be considered when making a game and we provide engaging tools and methods to explore ideas. The goal of the workshop is to create your game concept and clarify all open question and next steps:


Introduction into the PS-Framework
Exploration of the different design elements a game concept needs
Insights into player types and motivations in relation to your challenge
Creative brainstorming method for each design element that needs consideration.
A final report of the findings from the workshops
2 day workshop with two facilitators
Optional: Additional final design concept


PS-Framework Intro Workshop

This workshop provides a good and useful introduction into the research insights, methods and learning how to use games for your purposes. It provides a solid basis for further explorations and will give you a good starting point to work on further ideas:


Lessons learned how to use games in your context
Introduction into the PS-Framework
Exploration of the different design elements a game concept needs
Insights into player types and motivations
½ day workshop with one facilitator



If you are interested in working with us, shoot us a quick email and we’ll arrange a call or meeting! 

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Kid’s University

Goethe Institute Moscow

The Kid’s University is a gamified online course that enables children playful access to science while learning about German language. It’s based on the famous German TV show “Sendung mit der Maus” and combines fun questionnaires with a university structure.
More info here

Call Her Lotte

“Call her Lotte” is an award-winning movie by Miriquidi Film that used the Purposeful Design Framework to explore playful solutions for transmedia storytelling. The result was a mobile game idea that confronts the players with group dynamics like inclusion, exclusion, belonging to a group, being rejected by a group, scarifying friendships or losing status under changing conditions.
Find more info here

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I am Science

Goethe Institute Johannesburg

“I Am Science” is a peer-to-peer video-sharing platform that offers step by step instructions for doing fun, safe and easy science activities at home, using basic household goods. It is aimed at early high-school girls in disadvantaged urban areas and is currently being developed.

More info here