Konstantin Mitgutsch

I am the founder of Playful Solutions. In addition to my work as a game design consultant and coach, I lecture at the University of Fine Arts Vienna and I am an Affiliate Researcher at the MIT GAME LAB at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in Boston.



◼︎ What do I bring into Playful Solutions?

I spent 10 years researching the impact of games on players at universities like MIT. Also I have created different prototypes that tried to subvert common play experiences and to toy with games as expressive tools.

◼︎ What do I love to play?
I love to play work. I have a playful approach to problems, where I can explore new territories, develop strategies and try them out. Outside of work, Escape Rooms offer an ideal space for play – limited time, social and immersive discovery.

◼︎ What are my current roles in Playful Solutions?

My roles are Opportunity Seeker, Future & Strategy Designer and Legal Lizard. I also play the role of the Talk Designer and I am Project Partner in diverse PFS projects.


Lena Robinson

I act as managing partner for Playful Solutions. I am a social entrepreneur, passionate communicator, anthropologist and self-proclaimed astronaut at a couple of other projects.



◼︎ What do I bring into Playful Solutions?

I bring my entrepreneurial spirit, my experience design and facilitation skills and my head of inspiration to Playful Solutions. I’m a generalist who has worked many jobs in different industries and my curiosity and interest in people and organizations, as well as my love for stories and fantasy, fuel me in my work for Playful Solutions.

◼︎ What do I love to play?

I want to be touched or inspired by games. I like smaller, experimental games that let me explore and experience different topics, but I also love games that have a certain beauty and magic to them.

◼︎ What are my current roles in Playful Solutions?

I usually hold a bunch of roles around Experience Design and Operations, but I am currently on maternity leave.

Ioana Carp

◼︎ What do I bring into Playful Solutions?

Into Playful Solutions I bring my background in brand communication and advertising. I like planning, multi-tasking and managing resources, but I also love creating stories and giving them a voice.

◼︎ What do I love to play?
My play choice is quite broad and the more social a game is, the better. I like group activities and board games, with a fondness for role-playing. On the go, I like tricky puzzles and beautifully designed mobile games. I also play (and watch) tennis.

◼︎ What are my current roles in Playful Solutions?

Right now, my roles at Playful Solutions are Communication Agent, Workflow Wizard and Insights Discoverer, as well as Project Director and Project Partner for various of our current projects.


Georg Luif

◼︎ What do I bring into Playful Solutions?

My corners of expertise encompass interactive media, game development and visual design. I am eager to experiment with cutting edge technologies such as Virtual & Augmented reality, Machine Learning and 3D printing.

◼︎ What do I love to play?

I love playing Strategy, Third Person Action and Virtual Reality games.

◼︎ What are my current roles in Playful Solutions?

At Playful Solutions I’m a Game Designer & Developer, Visual Designer, Programmer, and Playfulness Officer.

Ana Bernardes

◼︎ What do I bring into Playful Solutions?

Into Playful Solutions, I bring a background in Psychology, and a passion for understanding how people learn and develop, and how to create the right conditions for this to happen. I’ve been working in very diverse contexts, mostly focused in learning and development, consulting and event management.

◼︎ What do I love to play?

I like games that challenge me, like small puzzle games, but also strategic board games. Since I was a teenager I’ve enjoyed playing adventure games, where I could learn about random topics.

◼︎ What are my current roles in Playful Solutions?

For now, my roles in Playful Solutions are: People Person, Organisational Development, Workshop and Experience Design, Finance Fairy and Player Handling.


Martin Tuka

I am a strategic thinker by day and a pro gamer by night.

◼︎ What do I bring into Playful Solutions?

My university background is business, industrial engineering and technical management. My passion in competitive gaming fuels my drive to continually push the boundaries of gaming event formats.

◼︎ What do I love to play?

I’ve been playing video games since I was 6 years old. I reached the top of the ladder in multiple games such as Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, CoD, and World of Warcraft. I currently play Apex Legends.

Sebastian Howorka-Kohlmaier

◼︎ What do I bring into Playful Solutions?

I support Playful Solutions with knowledge and experience with managerial structures that help the company’s development: financial structures, legal structures and structures concerning staff management.

◼︎ What do I love to play?

My favorite game is a traditional Austrian card game called „Tarock“. It’s actually more like a game-framework that offers multiple playing options. Besides, I like creative and fun group games like Activity, Nobody’s Perfect, Cards against Humanity and so on.

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