Dr. Konstantin Mitgutsch

I am the founder of Playful Solutions. In addition to my work as a game design consultant and coach, I lecture at the University of Fine Arts Vienna and I am an Affiliate Researcher at the MIT GAME LAB at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in Boston.



◼︎ I mainly work in Vienna Austria and speak German and English fluently.

◼︎ My background is education science and media education. I wrote my Ph.D. at the University of Vienna about learning through disappointments.

◼︎ I have written a number of books on learning and playing, published articles on meaningful games and created games at MIT and in Vienna. I often give keynotes, workshops and talks about purposeful games all over the world.

◼︎ From 2009 to 2013, I worked as a researcher at the MIT GAME LAB at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston. In 2011, I was a Visiting Professor at the University of Vienna.

◼︎ I completed my coaching training as a Co-Active Coach® in Boston from 2011 to 2013.

◼︎ I organize the annual Vienna Games Conference FROG since 2007 .

◼︎ I am a lecture at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.

◼︎ I am also running Superpower Discovery

◼︎ I am a proud father of two superb kids and live with my family in Vienna.

◼︎ I am passionate about sports, good food, traveling and mind bending movies. Lately, I’ve been really into real-life room escape games.

Lena Robinson, MA

I act as managing partner for Playful Solutions. I am a social entrepreneur, passionate communicator, anthropologist and self-proclaimed astronaut at a couple of other projects.



◼︎ My university background is Cultural and Social Anthropology, Social Economy and Social Work. I focused on organizational innovation factors in my most recent research.

◼︎ I lived and worked in New York City and backpacked lots of exciting places, including North-West Africa, South-East Asia, China, the Pacific Northwest and Hawaii.


◼︎ I’ve had jobs in different industries, ranging from arts and culture to incentive tourism to finance education to group facilitation. I have experience with start-ups, nonprofits, freelancers and corporations.

◼︎ I am also running Superpower Discovery

◼︎ I am passionate about storytelling and humans, science fiction, the universe and creative work. I like to think of myself as a happy agent, seeking to do things that matter.


Martin Tuka, BSc

I am a strategic thinker by day and a pro gamer by night.

◼︎ My university background is business and industrial engineering and I am currently working on my master in technical management.

◼︎ I am passionate about games, movies and tv shows. I watch almost everything :D

◼︎ I’ve been playing video games since I am 6 years old. I reached the top of the ladder in multiple games such as Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, CoD, and World of Warcraft.

◼︎ Best achievements so far: highest rated PVP Hunter in WoW (season 3) in addition to the vengeful Gladiator Titel. I also reached Diamond Rank in League of Legend and hopefully more to come…



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Here you’ll find a collection of all my published papers: >LINK

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